İnsan Kaynakları Politikamız / İnsan Kaynakları / Kama Pres A.Ş. | Türkiye' nin lider teker ve rulet üretici firmasıdır. 30 kg -3000 kg yük taşıma kapasiteli , 12.000 den fazla çeşit ile, tekerler ve ruletler üretmektedir.
The aim of the human resources department of our company, in application of total quality philosophy, in order to be effective in forming up the corporate culture, to form up and protect the media that would increase the efficiency of employees, to determine the necessary policies, and to provide technical information.

Our further aims;
  • To understand and explain the growth strategy of the company.
  • By setting out as a family company, to organize the relations with employees in this manner;
  • By leaving the classical personnel management, to encourage the leadership in the company, to train personnel integrated with company targets and strategies.
  • To inspire people the conscious of working with enthusiasm far from future concerns;
  • To provide career facilities for our middle and higher level executives;
  • To assume every employee as the partner of the company, to give importance to proposals, ideas, and recommendations;
  • To find out and select the abilities of every employee;
By the opinion "Real development comes from actual actions not from vain words", to observe a company policy that convey the thoughts into the business media.
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